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The Burnham View

Located in the heart of the Museum Campus, the Burnham View showcases one of the most dramatic urban vistas in North America — a sweeping panorama linking the iconic Chicago skyline to Grant Park and the lakefront.

“This location is the urban equivalent of the Grand Canyon. We hope the Burnham View becomes a must-see spot for everyone who visits or lives in Chicago.” — Gary Johnson, President, Chicago History Museum

Designed by Chicago architect David Woodhouse, the Burnham View will feature a monumental pair of glass walls — angled to encompass, frame, and reflect the city and shoreline that border Grant Park.

This interactive sculpture is a tribute to Daniel Burnham’s vision and an invitation to explore your own vision as you picture Chicago and look to its future.

The Burnham View is an irresistible photo spot, so picture yourself in the landscape!

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